April 7, 2019

I filmed Episode 4 today, pretty much all in one fell swoop, I didn't edit anything.  I did have two starts but I got a little teary eyed when I was talking about my friend Jana and her son Zach, who's searching for a Type O Kidney match.  All of the links to the Donor Registry in BC and the Live Donor program are in the Show notes, so if you're wanting to ensure you have registered as an organ donor, go to the registry page and sign up.  You can also verify whether or not you've registered with your personal health care number.  Only 23% of Canadians are registered as organ donors.... 

Here is the link to Episode 4! of Debra Quilts Lots and Knits Bits.  And there are a few new bags and some DPN Holders/Needle Nannies too!

If you watch to the very end, there are details about the GIVEAWAY!!!!!

March 16, 2019

After many technical glitches that I'm sure many wouldn't have, I retaped my video this is missing these pictures at the end but I'm going to leave it as is and put these close up shots here for you.  Enjoy!  Episode 3 Debra Quilts Lots and Knits Bits

March 15, 2019

The snow is finally melting!  We've been away in Mexico and expected to come back to no snow arrived home to even more..... March 8th?  We are usually bombing around in/on the toys by now but it's been even too chilly to go for an enjoyable walk until the past few days.... so here's hoping it stays in the Spring Mode from here on in!  

Here's my latest Vlog/Podcast link....argghghhh... I messed up my editing and will need to redo the whole thing tomorrow!

We saw some monkeys and Coati (Mexican Racoon) and lots of Iguanas in Mexico.  Had a great visit with Family and Friends, Ate far too much and arrived home with some rest required.

February 22, 2019

So, I mentioned that I sat on my needles on a Saturday night just before my last video and had to wait until Tuesday morning to go to the knitting shop in town to replace them.  Well, it pays to pay attention.  She’d actually already closed, I thought I had a couple more weeks but I was outta luck.... until I chatted with my knitting gurus about the interim project I started.  I asked Kathy from Sew Much More if she had some tips that would fit my cable and she said yes.  She put them, and I asked for a cable too, just in case, into the mail and when I got home from Quilt Retreat, I twisted the tips onto my cable and finished up!

February 7, 2019

Well, this was an adventure.... it took less time to record this one!  and forever to get my devices to do what I thought they should do for me..... If it seems like I'm looking off into space, I can explain - really!  I had a piece of tape attached to my phone to remind me to look at the camera and not at the screen.... then I moved the phone and the tape fell off so I attached the tape to something behind the phone..... I didn't dare re-record.... I will get better I'm sure.  Enjoy.... I did post the list for retreat on my blog, so hopefully that helps.

Take care, me.

February 6, 2019

Here's a list of things I pack for Quilt Retreat;

Sewing Machine..... as soon as I put my freshly cleaned and oiled machine in the "to go" pile I pack my 

POWER CORD and FOOT PEDAL  put them in the bag first!  

Extension Cord(s)

Accessories box - has my machine feet, machine needles, tools

Extra Machine Needles  Size 8 for applique, 10 or 12 for piecing (I like Microtex) Size 14 Topstitch for quilting and lots of layers

Extra Rotary Blades - and a storage case for used blades

Extra Bobbins

THREAD!!!!!  I take a neutral thread - cream - and a black for piecing and any others that are specific to my projects, Monopoly monofilament, some decorative threads for applique

Awl - Pointy thing to help guide my piecing

Scissors - a collection of scissors to correspond with my projects

Elmer's Washable School Glue - I take my nice applicator bottle and another bottle to refill that 

I take my own iron and board to some retreats.

Cutting Mat and  Rulers

Lots of Projects - I take them out ahead of time...

January 31, 2019

Join us next week for a new video and a shop update!  Lots of new bags and some 'Needle Nannies' and maybe even a new quilt or two!

The next episode of Debra Quilts Lots and Knits Bits will cover getting ready for Quilt Retreat.... tell us your tips!  Comment here or on our Facebook Post... what is your definite, must have item for retreat?  What have you forgotten to take?  Let me know and I'll give you a 'shout out' in the video.

What is Quilt Retreat?  A group of quilters get together at a location and dedicate their time to quilting and sewing and visiting.  I go to a few a year, 3 days to 5 days long.  Someone takes care of feeding us and all we have to worry about is having enough fabric to sew..... even a one day sew day is a great way to get lots accomplished and spend some time with like minded folks.

The 4 Patch Stacker is coming along and here's a couple of Needle Nannies that will be on the shop update!

January 11, 2019

I uploaded my first YouTube Video today!!!!  Here's a link

Please take a look, like and share!  Subscribe to keep up with new videos and shop updates!!! 

I also added some Project Bags and Quilts to the Shop here on the website today too, so if there's something you like, please let me know!!

So excited to be almost 'up to speed' with the technology.   I am aware that there is a lot of polishing left to do on the video thing... bear with me, I'm learning and things will get better as we go along! 

January 3, 2019

How exciting!  I'm making stuff to sell!  My latest obsession has me watching Knitting Podcasts on YouTube.....and realizing that Project Bags are a Big Thing!

I am new to knitting but not to quilting so.... what better way to merge the two passions than to make quilted knitting bags..... my prototypes went out to my wonderful knitting gurus because I need some direction with this one.... the Butterfly/Papillon Shawl - found on Ravelry.

So I made these large project bags from the Finch Bucket pattern by Stitch Mischief

 Kathy from Sew Much More Yarn in New Denver helped me pick out my yarn.... 

Join me Jauary 11 for my first PODCAST! Cross your fingers that all goes well and keep in mind I'm technologically challenged.....

July 25, 2016

Taking a moment to clear out the quilt shows that have passed and noticed that I have not posted a blog update since January..... and it's nearly the end of July!

I have been posting customer quilts and my accomplishments on Debra Quilts Lots Facebook page, just a click and a few keystrokes and I have my stitches out there for everyone to see. My 'Free' website here is costing time everytime I go to update it.... and with that being months at a time in between, it's likely more user error than the actual website's fault. LOL.

Our Summer Heat is finally getting here, we had some gorgeous days in April and May but June and July did require a sweater quite often.  Hoping to have some company come and visit so that there's an excuse to tour some wineries but we do try to get to the beach as often as we can on the hot days.... a little dip cools you right off!

Lots of quilts to make and quilt, so please take a look at the Facebook page!

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