January 5, 2016


Here we are in a new year already and I took a look here and realized it's been a while since I posted some pictures for you.  Things are rolling along at a steady pace, I quilt one quilt and it goes home and another one arrives.  Things are different than they used to be when we were Flamingo Quiltworx, there were quilts in the closet and hanging on the shower rod and some waited for me for months.  It was stressful.  Now there is no need for a quilt to be patient because there is no waiting..... and very little stress.  Contentedness I guess.  


Barb and Cathie at Poppins Quilt Parlour have been keeping me busy with some shop samples.








Penny-April made up this Halloween Quilt and



another couple - all using the Sidelines pattern by Maple Island Designs.  She calls them her potato chip quilts because you can't make just one.





LJ made this one for her sister for Christmas (that's why I haven't been posting, I didn't want to give the gifts away)- it's h...

October 20, 2015











I got home this afternoon from the Washington State Quilters show!  Beautiful display of talent and I even brought home a ribbon for my Treasure Quilt!









Here are some pictures that I took at the show, I had camera issues and got as many with my phone as I could until it died too.  I am terribly sorry, I did not get all of the info on each quilt, I just started snapping and this is what I came home with!





































September 27, 2015

It always seems like September is a 'starting' point in the year.  I guess from the time we start school and our kids start September represents the beginning of something..... It's been a few years since I went to school, and there's one more kid who's still in school but he manages incredibly well on his own and I have nothing to do with school any longer.  So, why is there this feeling to get back into gear when September rolls around?


I seem to have a schedule these days, complete with appointments,commitments and deadlines..... and I'm ok with that.  I do tend to try really hard to fit everything in but I am starting to realize that I cannot do everything.  For instance, in the last two weeks, there were 4 events that I could have attended.  I had to let go of the idea of the 5 day class in the midst of everything because I am NOT a Rockstar anymore.... I can't do it all - naps are too important nowadays..... 


I was able to spend a few days in Grand Forks at th...

August 20, 2015

We have returned home from our summer trip.  Car Shows in Spokane, WA and in Libby, Montana..... both excellent events where everyone is treated like gold and really enjoys themselves.  


I did stop in at Kissed Quilts to see Marlene on the way down.  After being in the convertible for 3 hours in 106 degrees farenheit, her little shop was a great stop..... I got my Row by Row and a license plate and a little something for a friend..... she has ALL of the Northcott Toscana line... wonderful colours and they feel very soft.  I plan to email ahead with my shopping list and meet her at the Grand Coulee Quilt Show, she is the Featured Quilter!


I also found a new little shop in Libby Montana,  The Quilt Cottage she's been open since June (so no Row by Row) but nice selection.  She took over a location of a previous quilt shop so if you've been there before, you can find the new one!


I took my Hexagon Millefore project with me.  I didn't make much progress because we were visiting an...

August 9, 2015


Yesterday, I went on a little (intense) Shop Hop with two gals from my night guild quilting group.  Everyone here in Penticton has been very welcoming and the night group is always coming up with things to do.  So we left here at 7am.  Stopped in shops in Kelowna, Vernon, Armstrong, Salmon Arm, Pritchard and two in Kamloops..... A lot of miles in one day and we managed to shop in all of them too.....


Because we were going to Katja's Quilt shoppe in Kamloops, I had to pick up her book 'The New Hexagon'.  She signed it for me and everything.  There's also a Facebook group called the Millefore Quiltalong and I keep seeing my friends' creations on there so I have been looking (and buying) fabric that can be fussy cut into little pieces to make hand-pieced hexagons... I tried hand-piecing a few times before but never accomplished anything bigger than a pillow....So I tried last night with some fish fabric I got at Di-Versity Quilt shop in Pritchard (worth the hunt to find her)...

July 27, 2015

We have had a cooler weekend and that makes for a pretty pleasant Monday.  Sure I have a sweater on in the house but outside on the deck, the sun is warm and the dog is doing his circuit of couch, deck, shade, couch, etc.  He is content.  So are the Quail in the yard, there seems to be a thousand of them.  I know it's not a thousand but there are lots.  They sure go from fuzzy little babies to juvenilles quickly.  A radio show I listened to said they go from nest to maturity (for meat) in six weeks.  That person grew and butchered them in her Vancouver apartment for food.  I will stick to store bought, thanx.


Saturday morning started out with a lot of rain..... not such a good thing for an outdoor quilt show.  But Summerland lived up to its name and the sun came out.  There were a few sprinkles and then enough of a breeze to dry things out.  My quilt didn't get outside, it was displayed inside the shop and is still at Cherry Tree Quilts for...

July 23, 2015




Generally, I am the last person to take advantage of someone but.... my daughter was visiting and offered to set up a new website for me.  So, I took advantage of the opportunity and here we are!


I hope to keep up with my quilting escapades and my other projects that I would share with those that want to know.  Nothing too extreme at this stage in my life, so don't get too excited.  I am foraying into some furniture painting, some mosaics, some of this and some of that. 


Here is a little quilt I did for the Cherry Tree Quilts Show on Saturday, July 25th.  I picked up this piece of Snow Dyed Fabric, dyed by Barb at Cherry Tree Quilts at a quilt show this spring and stitched some of my favourite shapes in my favourite thread.  I used a piece of Tuscany Wool Batting and a batik that was on the shelf for the back.  Then I looked up Facings on Pinterest and tried that out.... it worked great!

On Sunday, we had a wonderful afternoon at the beach with family.  Picnicing,...

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