We have had a cooler weekend and that makes for a pretty pleasant Monday. Sure I have a sweater on in the house but outside on the deck, the sun is warm and the dog is doing his circuit of couch, deck, shade, couch, etc. He is content. So are the Quail in the yard, there seems to be a thousand of them. I know it's not a thousand but there are lots. They sure go from fuzzy little babies to juvenilles quickly. A radio show I listened to said they go from nest to maturity (for meat) in six weeks. That person grew and butchered them in her Vancouver apartment for food. I will stick to store bought, thanx.

Saturday morning started out with a lot of rain..... not such a good thing for an outdoor quilt show. But Summerland lived up to its name and the sun came out. There were a few sprinkles and then enough of a breeze to dry things out. My quilt didn't get outside, it was displayed inside the shop and is still at Cherry Tree Quilts for a little while. I got my Row by Row kit and some thread. And a new Christmas pattern. I do not need any of these things, I wanted them. My theory on things at this stage in my life is that I have everything I need (perfect), and, we have worked pretty hard to be able to have the things we want too. So a couple of cones of Glide thread is just fine!

So today was Day 1 of Week 3 in the latest session of Boot Camp. Sheila from Progressive Elite Training is an awesome coach and gives us great workouts with lots of variety. We work out in different locations all over Penticton and I have found many beautiful locations to enjoy. They are usually at the top of a steep set of stairs, but it's worth the climb! I took out a pair of jeans that I bought last summer and never wore. They fit perfect now!

Here are a few quilts that have been quilted by Debra Quilts Lots.

The gold and blue belong to Grace's Scrappy Coins. The Log Cabin and the Churndash were made by Jean's mother-in-law. They were pieced a few years back, the Churndash was meant for her now 90 year old son, it's been waiting to get finished for a while. Jean is adding some borders on both of them to make them bigger. The back of the Churndash is there too. The last one is another Grace's creations, Green Windmills (may not be the proper name for the pattern).



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