Home Again!

We have returned home from our summer trip. Car Shows in Spokane, WA and in Libby, Montana..... both excellent events where everyone is treated like gold and really enjoys themselves.

I did stop in at Kissed Quilts to see Marlene on the way down. After being in the convertible for 3 hours in 106 degrees farenheit, her little shop was a great stop..... I got my Row by Row and a license plate and a little something for a friend..... she has ALL of the Northcott Toscana line... wonderful colours and they feel very soft. I plan to email ahead with my shopping list and meet her at the Grand Coulee Quilt Show, she is the Featured Quilter!

I also found a new little shop in Libby Montana, The Quilt Cottage she's been open since June (so no Row by Row) but nice selection. She took over a location of a previous quilt shop so if you've been there before, you can find the new one!

I took my Hexagon Millefore project with me. I didn't make much progress because we were visiting and looking at cars (yay). I did opt to stay in the hotel all day Sunday.... didn't even get dressed, It was a very relaxing day and I got halfway thru my book, A Widow For One Year by John Irving. He wrote A Prayer for Owen Meany and The World According to Garp and many more. All good reads.

Here are some more quilts that have gone home. The first two are Penny-April's, she makes a lot of quilts for the Quilts of Valour program. The first one is a BQ2 by Maple Island Designs, great for those wonderful fabrics that you just don't want to cut up into little pieces. The second was a mystery quilt the night guild did, I don't know the name of the pattern but it is from Quiltville,Bonnie Hunter. I used a star design from my class with Kimmy Bruner this spring.

The third quilt is Katy's Horses. The Laurel Burch panel is still available at Poppin's Quilt Parlour here in Penticton.... and the pattern is called Sidelights. And I just found this picture of a fantastic ribbon from the Rumplestiltskins Fibre Arts Guild Show in April in Rock Creek, BC. They are one of the nearby areas that are being ravaged by forest fires right now. If you can, please do a few rain dances!

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