Nothing worse than a neglectful Blogger

Taking a moment to clear out the quilt shows that have passed and noticed that I have not posted a blog update since January..... and it's nearly the end of July!

I have been posting customer quilts and my accomplishments on Debra Quilts Lots Facebook page, just a click and a few keystrokes and I have my stitches out there for everyone to see. My 'Free' website here is costing time everytime I go to update it.... and with that being months at a time in between, it's likely more user error than the actual website's fault. LOL.

Our Summer Heat is finally getting here, we had some gorgeous days in April and May but June and July did require a sweater quite often. Hoping to have some company come and visit so that there's an excuse to tour some wineries but we do try to get to the beach as often as we can on the hot days.... a little dip cools you right off!

Lots of quilts to make and quilt, so please take a look at the Facebook page!


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I have finally filmed a new vlog/podcast, here's the link.... Episode 8 I've been busily quilting up a storm, I've posted some pictures on Debra Quilts Lots Facebook page and there's lots yet to do!

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