Prepping to Retreat

Here's a list of things I pack for Quilt Retreat;

Sewing Machine..... as soon as I put my freshly cleaned and oiled machine in the "to go" pile I pack my

POWER CORD and FOOT PEDAL put them in the bag first!

Extension Cord(s)

Accessories box - has my machine feet, machine needles, tools

Extra Machine Needles Size 8 for applique, 10 or 12 for piecing (I like Microtex) Size 14 Topstitch for quilting and lots of layers

Extra Rotary Blades - and a storage case for used blades

Extra Bobbins

THREAD!!!!! I take a neutral thread - cream - and a black for piecing and any others that are specific to my projects, Monopoly monofilament, some decorative threads for applique

Awl - Pointy thing to help guide my piecing

Scissors - a collection of scissors to correspond with my projects

Elmer's Washable School Glue - I take my nice applicator bottle and another bottle to refill that

I take my own iron and board to some retreats.

Cutting Mat and Rulers

Lots of Projects - I take them out ahead of time, determine what needs to be done with them, what I need to finish them, do any pre-cutting that I can.....

Party Favours - Check the retreat info to see if any items are required for Gift Exchanges or Games....

Comfort Items

Seat Cushion - or my chair or both....

Coffee Cup - I just like my own

Water Glass

Beverage/Wine/Cocktail Glass

Snack Bowl

Comfy Sweater

Very Comfy Clothing - consider your location and what is 'acceptable' dress. Jammies are not super acceptable at a resort where there are guests in addition to your group, I wouldn't be comfortable wandering around in my jammies here but at a remote location, where we are the only guests, by all means, jammies are awesome!

Snacks, beverages, toiletries

Bathing Suit

Book, knitting, music and earphones, whatever you need to relax and enjoy yourself.


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