New Podcast! Episode 2 is ready!

Well, this was an adventure.... it took less time to record this one! and forever to get my devices to do what I thought they should do for me..... If it seems like I'm looking off into space, I can explain - really! I had a piece of tape attached to my phone to remind me to look at the camera and not at the screen.... then I moved the phone and the tape fell off so I attached the tape to something behind the phone..... I didn't dare re-record.... I will get better I'm sure. Enjoy.... I did post the list for retreat on my blog, so hopefully that helps.

Take care, me.


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Finally! A new Episode

I have finally filmed a new vlog/podcast, here's the link.... Episode 8 I've been busily quilting up a storm, I've posted some pictures on Debra Quilts Lots Facebook page and there's lots yet to do!

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