Episode 4 is up!

I filmed Episode 4 today, pretty much all in one fell swoop, I didn't edit anything. I did have two starts but I got a little teary eyed when I was talking about my friend Jana and her son Zach, who's searching for a Type O Kidney match. All of the links to the Donor Registry in BC and the Live Donor program are in the Show notes, so if you're wanting to ensure you have registered as an organ donor, go to the registry page and sign up. You can also verify whether or not you've registered with your personal health care number. Only 23% of Canadians are registered as organ donors....

Here is the link to Episode 4! of Debra Quilts Lots and Knits Bits. And there are a few new bags and some DPN Holders/Needle Nannies too!

If you watch to the very end, there are details about the GIVEAWAY!!!!!


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