Energy needed!

A few years ago, I could manage/ juggle just fine. So, when I committed to fill in at Poppins while one of the girls needed 4-6 weeks off, I told myself I could work at the quilt shop all day and come home and quilt in the evening.... and I was able to-for the first month.  Now that my play time has been extended at the shop, I seem to be ‘pacing myself’ and my home productivity has lost some steam.  So I’m a few weeks behind where I wanted to be with customer quilts.  They are getting done and I’m waiting for a few to be picked up so I can share their pictures.  Thank you to all of my incredibly patient Quilters,I just need a 2pm latte  to replace my nap and I’ll be caught up soon!


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Finally! A new Episode

I have finally filmed a new vlog/podcast, here's the link.... Episode 8 I've been busily quilting up a storm, I've posted some pictures on Debra Quilts Lots Facebook page and there's lots yet to do!

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