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Thank you for taking a look at my Project Bags and Needle Nannies!  

The Drawstring Finch Bucket Bags come in the smaller sock size and the larger sweater size!  The Cotton Bags come lined with 100% cotton canvas with sheep or knitting themed pockets.  The Quilted Bags are quilted with a variety of quilt battings, mainly a cotton/bamboo blend and some even have a wool batting!  Their linings are a light coloured cotton and also have sheep or knitting themed pockets inside.

All materials used are new materials unless otherwise specified, I do have plans to Upcycle some of my collection into more Gorgeous Bags.


Please contact me by email to or by private message on my Facebook or Instagram pages Debraquiltslots for purchase or if I can answer any questions.  I am in Penticton, BC Canada and can ship anywhere.  Prices do not include shipping, Paypal and Etransfer accepted.  Bags can be shipped flat and multiple items will be shipped together.  

Quilted Sunflowers Sweater Size

Sunflowers quilted with Gold thread in a Sweater Size bag, cotton lining and knitting sheep pockets inside. 18" wide, 13" tall, 9" x 10" base $60 Cdn

Patchwork Batiks Sock Size

Quilted and Pieced patchwork Sock Size bag with cotton lining and knitty sheep pockets approx 15" wide, 9" tall, 8"x8" base $32 Cdn

Golden Daisies Sock Size Bag

Quilted Golden Daisies Sock Size bag. Golden daisies quilted with gold thread, cotton lining with golden sheep pockets inside. 14" wide, 9" tall, 6"x8" base $32 Cdn $32

Bright Florals Sweater Size

One of a kind Quilted Lila Tueller Fabric Sweater Size bag, cotton lining and knitty sheep pockets. 19" wide, 12" tall, 9"x10" base $60 Cdn

Chocolate and Turquiose Sweater Size

Sweater sized quilted bag in Chocolate/Gold fabric and Turquoise Thread. Cotton fabric lining and golden sheep pockets 19" wide,12"tall, 9" x 10" base $60 Cdn

Chocolate and Turquoise, Sock Size

Sock Size Quilted bag, Chocolate/Gold fabric with Turquoise thread. Cotton fabric lining with golden sheep pockets $32 Cdn Pictured with the Sweater size too(not included)

Sock size Quilted Roses bag

Sock Size Project Bag, Last One! Quilted cotton Rose fabric, cream coloured cotton lining, bamboo quilt batting for structure. Sheep pockets inside. Price $40 Cdn Quilted Freehand design by Debra Quilts Lots.

Bunny Butt Sweater Size

Cute Bunnies with Flower Butts, both Sweater size cotton fabric with canvas lining and knit themed pockets inside. Pink or blue base, 19" wide, 12" tall, 9" x 10" base $48 Cdn each

Round Cats Small Sock Size

Last one! Round Cotton Fabric with cotton canvas lining and knitty sheep pockets 11" wide, 9" tall, 6" x 6" base $24 Cdn

Cowboys Sock Size bag

One Only, Cowboys on a SockSized bag, Cotton Canvas lining and knitty sheep pockets inside. 15" wide, 9" tall, 8" x 8" base $30 Cdn

Sock Size Canadian Ski Animals

Beavers and Otters and other animals skiing and snowboarding on this Sock size drawstring bag. Lined with canvas and has knitting motifs on the inside pockets Price $32 Cdn

Sassy Animals Sweater Size

Sassy Animals wearing Sunglasses! Cotton bag with Cotton Canvas lining and golden sheep pockets 19" wide, 12" tall, 9" x10" base $48 Cdn

Sweater size Sporty Animals

Bears, Moose and penquins playing hockey on this Sweater size drawstring bag. Lined with canvas and has batik fabric on the inside pockets Price $48 Cdn$

Available Needle Nannies

These Needle Nannies are all quilted with metal snaps $10 each or $8 each with purchase of a bag.

Needle Nannie

flatten out your dpns and pop them into the needle nannie, I slide my circular tips in to mine. Thank you Margo for the pictures.

Needle Nannie

Snap the snaps shut, and your knitting stays on the needles in your project bag! Thanks to Margo for the pictures

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